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Tech Tip: Get a virtual space

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In the entire world wide web, do you have a space for you? Don't let your social media be the only way that the world can find out information about you. Buy a domain and let it be your own space that you customize to represent you. Here are a few important things to know.

 Domain buying

  • It's always nice to own your name
  • Make sure it's spelled correctly
  • Make sure it represents you well. Don't buy a .tv or .biz if you are not in tv or going to have a biz
  • .com, .net, .co, .org are the most popular.
  • If your name is already taken, it's okay add your middle initial or shorten your name if you go buy it. For example, MichaelJones.com may be taken but try MikeJones or MJones or MichaelJ.
  • Use promo codes found on retailmenot.com to help purchase your domain.
  • If you are unsure of what to do with your domain, don't purchase more than one year.

If you want help with this.  Contact me for a consultation.