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Spring Forth

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Happy Spring! Spring is a great time of year as the sun stays out longer which for me means I don't have the urge to nap just because the sun has set. I love spring because it stands for so many things. It's the beginning of a new season, flowers began to bloom which is growth and change, it also means to leap and push forth. This season is a time where we will see changes we've prayed and sown into. As the seeds have been in planted in fertile ground and watered with our prayers and praise, the harvest will soon come.

This past weekend was spring break and while out of town I was able to recognize some maturity and growth within myself and after an intimate conversation with a friend, I saw some development within some relationships. This is part of what Spring is all about. 

As I think of all the scriptures that speak of spring and sometimes are about a spring full of water. I'm reminded of Isaiah 59 and how God says to forget the past but spring forth. In order to develop and mature we have to let go and move forward. Water our new seeds and gather the harvest. As I'm in the middle of grad school and I'm studying a new industry, this spring I will be releasing some old habits and preparing for better including my niche in my new industry. What will you be working on this Spring?